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What is the difference between a Mensa email account and email forwarding?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Mensa members have the option of choosing between one of these two options for their Mensa email :

1) Full fledged Mensa email account (powered by Google with full login).

2) Basic email forwarding. Emails sent to your Mensa email address will automatically be forwarded to your personal email address in our records.

For both cases, your email address will be of the form [email protected] or [email protected], where xxx is the username of your website login.

Note that members under the age of 13 can only opt for a forwarding account due to Google restrictions.

It is not mandatory to have a Mensa email address. You can also opt not to have the Mensa email facility. All correspondence from Mensa Singapore is usually sent to your personal email address.

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